Please note all our courses will take place weekly on a Sunday for 4-8 consecutive weeks at a time in Brackenfell (Location Protea Heights Academy)

Courses currently available for enrollment starting the first Sunday of every month

Stage 1 - 4 Week - Puppy Beginners Class (3-5months) @R800 per dog (Maximum of 8 dogs per class) 11am

Stage 1 - 4 Week - Teenager Beginners Class (6-9months) @R800 per dog (Maximum of 8 dogs per class) 1pm

Stage 1 - 4 Week - Beginners Class (9months+) @R800 per dog (Maximum of 8 dogs per class) 1pm

Stage 2 - 4 Week - Intermediate (Stage 1 Graduates) @R800 per dog (No number limit) 2pm

Stage 3 - 4 Week - Advanced (Stage 2 Graduates) Partnership Grades @R800 per dog (No number limit) 12pm

Boot Camp - 8 Week Course (Dog Reactive Dogs) @R1500 (Maximum 4 dogs per class) 3pm (NEXT COURSE AUGUST)

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